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 31 Aug So This is Permanence: Lyrics and Notebooks Published November 2014

Edited by Jon Savage with a foreword by Deborah Curtis, presents the intensely personal writings of one of the most enigmatic and influential songwriters and performers of the late twentieth century, Joy Division's Ian Curtis.

The songs of Joy Division, infused with the energy of punk but seeped in a resigned longing, were born of Manchester in the late seventies - a once flourishing industrial city in decline. They were the songs too of Ian Curtis's inner tragedies, as he battled depression, epilepsy and debilitating stage fright. Ian Curtis committed suicide in 1980, on the eve of the band's first American tour.

Interspersed with the lyrics are previously unpublished facsimile pages of Ian's notebooks, which throw his highly emotive lyrics into fascinating relief and cast light on the creative process of this singularly poetic songwriter.

Preorder Hardback
£18.00 Free Delivery

Preorder Hardback
£17.00 Free Delivery

25 Aug Eric's August 1979 - updated with Andrew Twambley's recollections
15 July Ian Curtis's Birthday

Ian Curtis (c) Philippe Carly -
Photograph (C) of Philippe Carly
and reproduced with permission
11 July Joy Division in Yorkshire

Julian's research for his
Joy Division in Yorkshire article continues as new facts come to light and new people contact him with more information. Today the Huddersfield Daily Examiner helped out with this appeal about the particularly mysterious Coach House gig

Image and article thanks to Denis Kilcommons, Andy Hirst and the Huddersfield Daily Examiner
  Chapter and Verse - New Order, Joy Division and Me

Bernard Sumner's long awaited autobiography will be released on September 25th

Pre order for £20 & free delivery on Amazon

Chapter and Verse includes a vivid and illuminating account of Bernard's Salford childhood, the early days of Joy Division, the band's enormous critical and popular success, and the subsequent tragic death of Ian Curtis. Bernard describes the formation of New Order, takes us behind the scenes at the birth of classics such as 'Blue Monday' and gives his first-hand account of the ecstasy and the agony of the Haçienda days.

Sometimes moving, often hilarious and occasionally completely out of control, this is a tale populated by some of the most colourful and creative characters in music history, such as Ian Curtis, Tony Wilson, Rob Gretton and Martin Hannett. Others have told parts of the story, in film and book form. Now, for the first time, Bernard Sumner gives you chapter and verse.
 3 July Annik Honoré 12 October 1957 - 3 July 2014

We are very sorry to hear of the death of Annik Honoré earlier today following a serious illness. Annik was the co-founder of independent record label Les Disques Du Crépuscule and promoted a number of legendary concerts at Plan K in Brussels. She was also Ian Curtis's girfriend and confidante.

Image thanks to Le Soir

She had the most dignity of anyone I ever met, protective of intrusion into her life, yes, but always balanced with dignity
- Lindsay Reade
   Joy Division themed playlist from BBC Radio 6 Music Sunday 22 June  
25 June Unpublished photos:

Band On The Wall 1978
- listing updated with the earliest fan photos that have been unearthed so far plus recollections from the photographers and Mick Middles. Many thanks to Bernard & Joe, Shug Sludden and Mick Middles

Photo (C) copyright Bernard & Joe and
used here with permission
  Vive Le Rock - features three page Martin Hannett article "The Zero Theorem" by Hugh Gulland

13 June Assembly Rooms Derby - Tony (Bigissue) Peppiatt was there and shares his memories  
21 May Leigh Festival - listing updated with a fan's recollections. Thanks to 1 Lucky Oldman  
19 May Record Collector - Joy Division feature on June's cover and there's a 6 page article on the making of Unknown Pleasures by Jake Kennedy - thanks to Steve Clarke

18 May Unpublished photos:

Previously unpublished Effenaar photos
- added with many thanks to Dani Guth died 2014 and Mona Stein

Heart and Soul Box Set £19.63 Free Delivery

16 May Record Store Day Releases - stock images replaced with photos  
2 May Unknown Pleasures - pirate version on Factory/Stiletto added

Martin Hannett DVD

1 May Paul Slattery inteview - added thanks to Lee McFadden and Paul Slattery
Komakino - fanzine version added - thanks to Julian
26 Apr Record Store Day Releases - new page added
23 Apr Rehearsals - page added to gather what information is known about Joy Division rehearsals - thanks to Fage

Misplaced - listing added
3 Apr Joy Division in Yorkshire - article added. About a year ago Julian, one of our messageboard regulars, started researching the Joy Division shows in his home county and today we're pleased to publish the fruits of his labour. Thanks Julian.


Control DVD

+ - Box Set
£21.74 Free Delivery

27 Mar Joy Division rehearsal recordings surface after 35 years:

Unheard Joy Division rehearsal outtakes have come to light nearly 35 years after they were first recorded and feature three versions of ĎA Means to an Endí and an instrumental track.

The first documented live performance of ĎA Means to an Endí was at Les Bains Douches, Paris in December 1979 and the only studio recording was made at Britannia Road studios in March 1980. The song was released on the Closer album in July 1980 some two months after Ian Curtisís death.

The 90 second instrumental is a historic find as it doesnít sound like an early incarnation of any later Joy Division song.

Unfortunately it is unlikely these Lo-fi recordings will feature on a future Joy Division release as the vocals are low in the mix and in all probability this was a cassette tape from a rehearsal session
21 Mar Record Store Day April 19th 2014 - Joy Division release confirmed as An Ideal For Living 12"
Un numbered limited edition of 7,500 copies.
New cover inspired by the original 12" scaffold sleeve

The new 2014 sleeve on the left - and the original on the right
2 Mar Malvern April 1980 - set list added to listing thanks to Ben Walker  
28 Feb Factory July 1978 - Record Mirror gig listing added thanks to Dave McCarthy
Touching From A Distance - Russian edition added thanks to Fage
26 Feb More tattoos added thanks to Jeremy Cox and Paul from Blackburn

24 Jan Birmingham High Hall: Joy Division's last ever concert venue is being demolished  


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