US double LP released 2020
Black vinyl
Red picture sleeve
Plain white labels
20 machine-numbered copies (bottom right of back sleeve)
Matrix numbers:

Note: there are other faint and unintelligible characters after the matrix numbers along the lines of an upside-down "1" followed by a dot and then a "1" the correct way + what looks like the word "COWARD", and there's also a scratched-out bit where only the last letter (which corresponds to the side A, B, C or D) is visible.

1 Reaction 1 At A Later Date
2 Inside The Line 2 Inside The Line
3 Leaders Of Men 3 Warsaw
4 Novelty 4 Failures
5 The Kill 5 No Love Lost
6 Novelty 6 Ice Age

1 Inside The Line 1 Inside The Line
2 Gutz 2 Leaders Of Men
3 The Kill 3 Novelty
4 At A Later Date 4 At A Later Date
5 You're No Good For Me 5 Tension
6 At A Later Date 6 The Kill
7 Reaction 7 Lost

Sides A & B rehearsals 1977
Side C tracks 1-5 studio demos 1977
Side C track 6 live at the Electric Circus, Manchester 2 October 1977
Side C track 7 live at Rock Garden, Middlesbrough 14 September 1977
Side D live at Rock Garden, Middlesbrough 14 September 1977

The back cover states: "These are the complete Warsaw rehearsal, demo and live recordings available from 1977. An amazing historical document for all fans of the band. In 1978 the band changed their name to Joy Division becoming one of the most influential bands of the new generation."