JOY DIVISION - AJANTA THEATRE, DERBY, UK  APRIL 19TH, 1980 FM Broadcast  (Cassette) Tape It Dee Dee 2023

Live: Ajanta Theatre, Derby April 19th 1980
Cassette released 2023
Label: Tape It Dee Dee TPTDD011

The cover states it's from an FM broadcast. However, it's more likely from the longer of the two audience recordings which includes Colony and some of the encore jam

See also Dance to The Radio, Ajanta Cinema Derby, UK April 19th 1980 - FM Broadcast LP from 2023 and Ajanta Cinema, Derby, UK April 19th 1980 LP from 2015


1 Dead Souls 1 Isolation
2 Wilderness 2 These Days
3 Digital 3 Transmission
4 Insight 4 She's Lost Control
5 Passover 5 Colony
6 Heart And Soul 6 Girls Don't Count

Girls Don't Count was a jam with Section 25