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Forthcoming Joy Division releases
7 October 2021

Joy Division + New Order: Decades Hardback book

7 October 2021

Juvenes - The Joy Division photographs of Kevin Cummins

2nd hardback edition expanded with extra pages, extra photos and new interviews with the band

Juvenes by Kevin Cummins - October 2021


Joy Division European Tour Book - Due 2020
Author's press release:

In January 1980 the English band Joy Division performed ten memorable concerts in Europe. I attended the Paradiso show in Amsterdam. Now, 30 years later the mysteries of the Joy Division’s European tour will be unraveled. Joy Division’s shows and their stay in Europe will be described in the bilingual (English/Dutch) book ‘JOY DIVISION: their only tour abroad’ that i’m composing and wich is due to be published soon.


I am looking for anyone who can supply me with information they may have regarding the Joy Division’s European tour. You may have some information and/or material that can be used in the book, if you have a personal memory of the concert, an image of a poster, program, concert ticket, press release or a newspaper clipping (announcement or review), and you wish to share them with me for publication, please contact me. Furthermore i’d like images of the concerts where they played but i’m also interested in the concert halls and their audiences around the 1980’s. Please let me know if you own something i have mentioned and if you are willing to share information or if you know of someone who i can contact regarding the items i have referred to in this posting.

If you would like to be contacted regarding the publication date of ‘JOY DIVISION: their only tour abroad’ send me an
email and include ‘publication date’ in the subject field and i will contact you in due course.

Marc Tilli
P.O. Box 15952
1001 NL Amsterdam
Shelved projects
Sometimes the forthcoming releases get put on the back burner. As we're an optomistic lot, we keep the information for the day they get brought back to the fore:  
During 2007, when the release of the Control movie sparked a raft of reissues there was talk of a number of releases. Most of these were probably the original ideas for what was eventually released on CD and vinyl that year.

The following releases were mooted but apopear to have fallen by the wayside:

Substance DVD
Here Are the Young Men DVD
Joy Division live at Plan K DVD - Hooky appeared to hint at this in an interview although he was probably referring to inclusion of clips in the Grant Gee documentary. See

All The Time: the "other" Ian Curtis Movie:
In May 2007 Amy Hobby confirmed to us that Hobby Films, who once held the film option for Touching From A Distance, have developed an all new script called All The Time written by Tom Browne. Jamie Thraves is directing. Amy is producing with Neal Weisman.
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