SPACE (LP) Ultra Disc Records, Bruxelles

166 copies. Sound quality: side A is OK, side B is poor.
Reissue of the bootleg "Shades Of Division"
Live: see notes.

1 Dead souls 6 Shadowplay
2 Disorder 7 Atrocity exhibition
3 Wilderness 8 Unknown
4 Autosuggestion 9 Unknown
5 Transmission    

Side 1 begins with a recording of a Gregorian Chant and side 2 ends with one.

Tracks 1-5 Live: at YMCA, London, August 2 1979.
Tracks 6 and 7 Live: Blackpools Imperial Hotel, July 27 1979.
Tracks 8 and 9 Orange Juice demos 1980.

This album was a reissue of Shades Of Division - which in turn was a mispress of the Black Souls LP - see the Black Souls listing for details.