AN IDEAL FOR LIVING 7" Enigma Records PSS 139

Released June 1978 - by September it was sold out and was reissued that month on 12"
The sleeve was printed on a 14" x 14" piece of thin card and then hand folded

Warsaw Leaders of men
No love lost Failures

Counterfeit copies of this release exist!
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The sleeve featured Bernard Sumner's original hand drawn artwork and two photos by Gareth Davy. In 2013 Bernard's ex-wife Susan
sold the artwork and the photos on eBay along with a third photo that didn't make it onto the sleeve plus Bernard's copy of the Ideal
For Living single.

As of 2024 the artwork and photos are now owned by a private collector and are reproduced here with his permission.
Click on the image below to see the incredible detail in the original work.


The front sleeve image appears to be inspired by a Hitler Youth poster and the stock image inside is from a photo of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Joy Division Central are uncomfortable publishing such imagery and do so only for historical accuracy and completeness.

Printer's artwork

The original printer's artwork resurfaced around 2007 when John Cooper found it under a pile of books in his home:


Images of the printer's artwork - covered and uncovered thanks to John Cooper