Biographies of band members and associates


Ian Kevin Curtis: Born 15th July 1956, died 18th May 1980
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Vocals, 1976 to 1980; also wrote the song lyrics
Occasionally played Vox Phantom and Vox Teardrop guitars
Brought up in Macclesfield, where he attended the Kings School
Worked in a record store which expanded his musical interests
Later worked as a civil servant in Manchester and in Macclesfield
Lyrically inspired by WS Burroughs, JG Ballard and David Bowie
His frenetic stage style mirrored the epileptic fits he suffered
Married Deborah Woodruffe on 23rd August 1975, in Henbury
Committed suicide on the eve of Joy Division's planned US tour
(for more detail about Ian Curtis click here)
Peter Hook: Born 13th February 1956
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Bass, 1976 to 1980; occasionally sang backing vocals
Played a Yamaha bass and a Shergold Marathon six-string bass
Brought up mainly in Salford; went to Salford Grammar School
Worked in Manchester at the Town Hall and on the Ship Canal
Noted for playing his bass almost in the style of a lead guitar
Continued as bass player with New Order after Ian's death
Formed Revenge in 1989 with Dave Hicks and Chris Jones
Formed Monaco with David Potts (who had joined Revenge)
Married TV comedienne Caroline Aherne in 1994 (now divorced)
Stephen Morris: Born 28th October 1957
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Drums, August 1977 to 1980
Equally at home with both traditional and electronic drum kits
(a Black Rodgers drum kit; Simmonds and Synare synthesisers)
Brought up in Macclesfield, where he attended the Kings School
Initially worked for a time in his father's kitchen fitting business
Continued with New Order on drums and later on synthesisers
His face appears on the cover of New Order's album Low Life
Formed The Other Two with keyboard player Gillian Gilbert
Married Gillian Gilbert, partner in New Order and The Other Two
Bernard (Barney) Sumner: Born 4th January 1956
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Guitar, 1976 to 1980; synthesiser 1979 to 1980 (Gibson and Shergold guitars; Powertran and ARP synthesisers)
Brought up in Salford, where he attended Salford Grammar School Also used the names Dicken (similar to his his stepfather's name, Dickin) and Albrecht Worked for a company who did cartoon animations for television Continued as guitarist with New Order, also taking over the vocals Formed Electronic in 1989 with Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr Guested on records by the Chemical Brothers and Primal Scream Married Sue Barlow on 28th October 1978, since divorced. (For more detail about Bernard Sumner's early years click here)

Also performed in Warsaw

Terry Mason
Went to Salford Grammar School with Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner
Played guitar and drums at band rehearsals in late 1976 and early 1977
Operated as Joy Division's manager before Rob Gretton was appointed
Later became the band's road manager, driver and occasional mixing desk operator
He also carried on tour managing New Order right up into the mid-nineties and
then pursued a career in IT.

Tony Tabac
Drums, May to June 1977

Steve Brotherdale
Drums, June to August 1977 (also drummer with Panik)

Others associated with Joy Division

Rob Gretton: born 15th January 1953
First met Joy Division when DJ at Rafters Club in Manchester
Became manager of Joy Division after seeing them play in April 1978
Continued as manager of New Order until his death in May 1999
Also associated with other local bands (Slaughter and the Dogs, Panik)
A partner in Factory and the prime mover behind the Hacienda Club

Martin Hannett: born 31st May 1948
Producer of most of Joy Division's recordings and other Factory classics
Noted for his ear for sounds, his attention to detail and his eccentricities
Played synthesisers on some of the band's studio recording sessions
Formerly a DJ and gig arranger, sometimes using the name Martin Zero
His agency (Music Force) booked a number of early Warsaw gigs
Left Factory at the end of 1981 after a disagreement, and died in 1991

Tony Wilson
Founder of Manchester's Factory Club and later of Factory Records
Formerly a TV presenter for Granada on current affairs and music programmes
An early promoter of Joy Division with TV appearances and A Factory Sample
Wrote about his Manchester experiences in the book 24 Hour Party People.
Tony Wilson died in August 2007.

Peter Saville
Designer of many Joy Division record sleeves and other music industry artwork
First worked for Factory while a graphic design student at Manchester Poly
Was at one time a partner in Factory; later formed Peter Saville Associates
Also applied his graphic design skills to typography, advertising and fashion

Anton Corbijn
Legendary photographer noted for his work with U2 and many other bands
Took some striking photos of Joy Division and directed the Atmosphere video
Appointed to direct the film about Ian Curtis based on Deborah Curtis's book

Alan Erasmus
Co-founder of Factory Records with Tony Wilson at 86 Palatine Road
Formerly an actor and a band manager (Fast Breeder, Durutti Column)

Gillian Gilbert
An early Joy Division fan who later became the girlfriend of Steve Morris
Became the fourth member of New Order towards the end of 1980

Deborah Woodruff
Married Ian Curtis on 23rd August 1975 at St Thomas's church in Henbury
Wrote a biography of Ian Curtis which forms the basis for the forthcoming film

Natalie Curtis
Daughter of Ian and Deborah Curtis (their only child) born on 16th April 1979
Now working as a photographer in Manchester after graduating in photography