Joy Division

3rd October 1979: Leeds University
On tour with the Buzzcocks

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Apparently 20-30 people fainted as they were crushed against the stage and Ian had to be helped off stage at the end of the set.
  In his Sounds review Des Moines says: "A theatrical sense of timing, controlled improvisation (allowing for apparently arbitrary intro-length), intelligent decibel-variation and good ol' distortion (unintended or otherwise) are the sum total of Joy Division's secret, as evinced on Disorder, Living In The Ice Age and Shadowplay - the latter liberating the LA Woman (not to mention the Heineken) in Curtis.

The anguished singer had achieved total physical self expression by the climax of She's Lost Control and, evidently having lost control, he was helped offstage at the conclusion of a set which, for practical reasons, could not be extended".

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