WARSAW (LP + 7") RZM200 RZM Productions Ltd. 1981
Matrix number: RZM 200

The Original Warsaw bootleg, there have been many copies of this over the years.
British bootleg. Black vinyl with free black vinyl 7". Black and white glossy sleeve. "Warsaw" on spine. Wide run-off grooves and the matrix number in LARGE letters. Has RZM 200A/B on the left of the label - see below.
There is also a copy in a plain white cover without a single - presumably because they pressed more LPs than covers.

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All of this for you Transmission
The leaders of men Living in the ice age
They walked in line Interzone
Failures (of the modern man) Warsaw
Novelty Shadowplay
No love lost  

Exercise one Transmission
Insight She's lost control

How to spot an original:Click for larger image
Look for RZM 200A/B on the label

The tracks were recorded for the unreleased album - the RCA sessions.
The bonus EP featured "The First Peel Session".
Some of the LP tracks sounded too fast.

All Warsaw LPs are re-presses or copies of the one above - except the Retropop version which has different tracks. They weren't all pressed from the same plates but some of them use the same matrix numbers. Some have the free EP, others don't. However the tracks on the LP and EP are always the same.

In order to minimise download times I have split the Warsaw LP listings over two pages - those with black & white sleeves and those with colour:

Black & White sleeves

Colour sleeves