Joy Division bootlegs: song titles

Track listings on bootlegs often reflect the name of the song at the time the recording was made and with Joy Division's habit of changing song titles this can lead to confusion.

Bootleg title   Real title  
And Then Again   As You Said  
Chance   Atmosphere - the lyrics to Chance changed and the song was renamed
Cross of Iron   Incubation  
Incubation 1   Incubation  
Incubation 2   As You Said  
In The Warehouse   Incubation  
The Drawback   All of This For You  
Gimme Your Heart / Untitled   This song is very similar to section 25's Dirty Disco which can be found on their "Always Now" album. Maybe this is coincidence - or one band was "inspired" by the other.
Note: The Kill from The Warsaw Demo is a totally different (music and lyrics) from The Kill on Still.

These songs were performed live but never officially released:

Appeared on the following bootlegs:

New Order recorded two Joy Division songs:

Ian wrote In a Lonely Place just before his death. Ceremony is something of a lost track ... Joy Division only played it live once and for years it was believed the track had never been recorded. Then in 1998 both tracks appeared on the Heart and Soul box set. They were recorded at Graveyard Studios, Prestwich, no date is given. In A Lonely Place appeared on the 2004 bootleg Love Will Tear Us Apart 7" pic disc


The first verse of Transmission is from The Book Of Thoth by Alistair Crowley. Or so we're told. Having looked through the entire book I thnk it's a myth!

Some of the text for No Love Lost is from the book House Of Dolls by Ka-Tzetnik 135633.

The title for Atrocity Exhibition came from the anthology of stories by the science-fiction writer James Graham Ballard.

Warsaw begins with 350125 Go! and 31G appears in the chorus. These numbers appear to refer to Rudolf Hess's prisoner of war number 31G 350125. Around the time this song was written there was quite a lot of interest in the newspapers the prisoner who had been kept more or less in solitary confinement in Spandau prison for several decades. Some people thought he'd been punihed enough and should be released, others thought he should be left to rot.