Joy Division concert

28th February 1980: The Warehouse, Preston

Supported by Section 25

Songs performed:
01: Incubation
02: Wilderness
03: Twenty Four Hours
04: The Eternal
05: Heart And Soul
06: Shadowplay
07: Transmission
08: Disorder
09: Warsaw
10: Colony
11: Interzone
12: She's Lost Control.
Appx. duration: 50 mins. Sound quality: 9+/10

The Warehouse was renamed Raiders for a time
Thanks to the Warehouse's web site for letting us use this scan.
The club was renamed Raiders for a time but reverted to The Warehouse in 1988 

You can find this full concert on the following official releases:

Fractured Box Set
ReFractured Box Set

Setlist in Ian Curtis's handwriting
Courtesy of 
Graham Duff and reproduced here with permission

The full concert appeared on the following bootlegs:
Shadowplay CD

There Must Be More Than This CD
(this issue does not have a very good sound quality)

Preston 28 February 1980 bootleg LP released 2022

Some songs from this concert appeared on these issues:

Testament 2LP/boxed CD

Le Terme *Part II* LP

Death Trip LP

Futurama 79 LP

Life Before Death LP

Cross Of Iron 7"

Rough Trade Deutschland 7"EP

Lancashire Evening Post
Lancashire Evening Post advert

Ian, most unusually, was very talkative on stage -
primarily to fill in the time while order was restored by
the roadies (they had some PA problems due to interference
with the beer pump!!). Despite the problems, or because
of them, the tape of this concert is probably one of the
most interesting bootlegs.
This was the venue for Ian Curtis's Radio Lancashire Interview

He was interviewed before the concert and the band can be heard soundchecking in the background of the recording.