Joy Division concert

18th January 1980: Effenaar, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Supported by Minny Pops

Copyright Effenaar - reproduced with permission

Songs performed:
01: Love Will Tear Us Apart
02: Digital*
03: New Dawn Fades*
04: Colony*
05: These Days
06: Ice Age
07: Dead Souls
08: Disorder
09: Day Of The Lords
10: Auto-Suggestion*
11: Shadowplay
12: She's Lost Control
13: Transmission
14: Interzone
15: Atmosphere
16: Warsaw.
Appx. duration: 60 mins. Sound quality: 8+/9

Songs marked * were Filmed on Super-8 and appeared on the Here Are The Young Men video. Each song appears to have been filmed on a separate 50 foot cartridge which would last 2 minutes 30 seconds at a film speed of 24fps (frames per second). The movement on Autosuggestion looks a little strange because they slowed the speed down to 18fps in an attempt to fit the whole song on. Click here for Super-8 technical info.

This concert appeared in full on the following

Form And Substance-The Bright Side CD

Concert 18 Jan Effenaar 2LP

Eindhoven 2LP + CD

Europa 2LP

1980 4 X CD box set

Some or most of this concert appeared on the following bootlegs:

A Christmas Of Joy picture disc LP

Effanaar LP

Effanaar Concert 18.01.80 LP

Eindhoven Holland January 18 1980

Concert 18 Jan Effenaar LP

Concert 18 Jan Effenaar 2LP

Live! From Eindhoven, Holland 18/1/80 CD

Morituri Te Salutant LP/CD

A Retrospective - Part II LP

Day Of The Lords LP

Live and Obscure LP

The Dutch Recordings CD

Another Ideal For Killing LP - 3 tracks

Some tracks also appeared on Les Bains Douches
the Fractured Box Set the ReFractured Box Set and Let The Movie Begin

All four photographs above (C) Thanks to Dani Guth died 2014 and Mona Stein


The Effenaar in the late 1970s
Thanks to Carlos van Hijfte for the photo

Carlos van Hijfte was at the concert:

"The Effenaar capacity was at that time around 500, I think on the 18th there were about 300-350 people. One thing about that night that everyone remembers was a bunch of local hooligans came to the gig and started parading through the audience causing a lot of fear. After about 10 minutes they left, I think even without hitting anyone (unusal even for those days). The band also noticed this and that is the reason for Hook's long intro for Dead Souls, he got nervous and didn't know anything else to do but play one note for a couple of minutes.
The venue has been rebuilt:  

The Effenaar photographed in 2008. (C) Copyright Joy Division - The Eternal web site
(Michel Enkiri) and reproduced here with permission