Joy Division

16th October 1979: Plan K, Brussels, Belgium

Joy Division took a few days off from the Buzzcocks tour to play with Cabaret Voltaire at Plan K.

The main act was William S Burroughs and, being a fan of the American author, Ian went up and tried to talk to him. Burroughs told him to get lost. Ian took it rather badly by all accounts.

Some slow motion footage from this gig was used as the intro to the "Here Are The Young Men" Fact 37/Ikon 2 video.

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In May 2005, Brian Nicholson from ikon& unearthed the video of the whole concert. The video is second generation, 42 minutes long, and most of the songs have been crash edited on to this tape at some point.

The original footage was shot on an early domestic VHS portapak set up.

01. LWTUA (with about 1 min missing from the start)
02. Wilderness
03. Disorder
04. Colony
05. Insight
06. 24 Hours
07. New Dawn Fades
08. Transmission
09. Shadowplay
10. She's Lost Control
11. Atrocity Exhibition
12. Interzone (the encore)

This is the only known copy of this footage. No bootleg copies of the video exist. No cassette tapes of the concert exist. we didn't even know the set list for this concert until this video tuered up. Many thanks to Brian Nicholson for providing us with this information.

Thanks to Carlos for the poster scan.
Here's what he tells us about it:
It's a hand made (silk screened) programme that was on the wall of Plan K in 1979. As far as I know only two were made. Both have the same design but different colors were used. My friend Ton Van Gool has the other one, last time I saw his colors were more faded then mine. The poster is big: 110cmx150cm and it's on very heavy kind of paper.

thanks to ikon& for the screen grabs