7" and magazine 1989

Pirate copy of the "Licht Und Blindheit" single & magazine.

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Magazine cover

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Atmosphere Dead Souls

To tell a fake from an original look at the labels and the colour of the vinyl:

Original release

1980s Pirate copies

2007 Pirate

Front cover - click for larger image

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Black vinyl

Black vinyl

Coloured vinyl only:
Red, pink, clear red with bits of paper in the vinyl (only 9 copies of the last version), green, grey, purple, magenta, "gold" (transparent yellowish) and "black" (smoke-coloured)

Labels are black with silver writing

Labels have a coloured Medusa's head - colour, blue or b/w

Label black with silver writing

The foldout cover is numbered

Some covers are numbered but most are not

Covers are numbered

Contains 2 inserts; a blue piece of paper which reads "Avertissement" and "Gesamtkunstwerk" and an English translation

No inserts included

Contains copies of the original inserts

Matrix number SS 33002

Colour label fake has matrix number SS 33002 (hand written but different from the original)
Blue label fake has matrix number 8704141
B/W label fake has matrix number 8704141

Matrix numbers:
same as original
but different

Brown background image - two faces

Brown background image - women and infant

Background image as original

On the original folders the glue which was used to glue the plastic wallet to the folder has turned a horrible brown over time (this is written in 2005)

The glue on the fakes is still clear

Glue is still clear

Most came without plastic bag. Some of the last to be sent out had a plain plastic bag but no logo ... Source Jean-Pierre Turmel 2009

No plastic bag

Plastic bag with clear Sordide Sentimental sticker stuck to it

JOY DIVISION - Untitled  (7")  2019

Picture disc released 2019
Limted edition 10 copies
No band name, title, or song titles on either side of disc just images from the original French 1980 Licht Und Blindheit
The only text printed on the back of the disc is: "Collectors edition picture disc no. -/10  Propre et Gentil 112"
Clear plastic sleeve
No matrix numbers

Atmosphere Dead Souls