Matrix No: Anon A/B
Picture disc.

Click for larger image Click for larger image At least one copy came with a photocopied insert. This was a page from a book showing where the picture on the B side came from. We don't know if it was released like this or if someone just put one photocpy in one sleeve.

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At a later date Gutz
The Kill  

WARSAW (7") RZM Productions Ltd. 1981

Matrix No: RZM-100
Black vinyl in plain sleeve, reissued in orange vinyl in a plain sleeve and blue vinyl in a printed sleeve.
Also reissued / re-pressed in different sleeves as She's Lost Control and Joy Division see below.
Poor sound quality
Source: The First Peel Session.

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Black vinyl plain sleeve
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Blue Vinyl (front)
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Blue vinyl (back)

Exercise One Transmission
Insight She's lost control

Repress of the EP that came with the first version of Warsaw LP + 7". The matrix numbers are in large letters.

There have been several repressings of this 7" on black vinyl. They all have the same matrix number but aren't always pressed from the same plates as the way the number is written varies.

There is also a clear vinyl, unlabelled pressing, this appears to be identical with the 7" that came with the clear vinyl Warsaw LP+7" issue, but was also issued on its own (supposedly in a limited edition of 100 copies).

This single was also issued in a different sleeve as JOY DIVISION (7") Matrix No: RZM-100:

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WARSAW (7") RZM Productions Ltd. JD 02 A/B

Matrix No: JD 02 A/B
Yellow vinyl in plain sleeve
Source: The label states the first Peel Session - but the single actually has two live New Order tracks see below..

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Ceremony A Lonely Place

Live: Forum Ballroom, Kentish Town, London 6 May 1981
This single has a different matrix number and a large centre hole compared to the listings above.

This single (with Matrix No: JD 02 A/B) was also issued in a different sleeve as SHE'S LOST CONTROL (7") - so it probably has the two New Order tracks on it:

Front Cover Front Cover
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