SUBSTANCE 1978-1988 Video Factory/Qwest FAC 277 1988

This compilation video was never officially released although some promo copies were sent out. Pirate copies have appeared over the years - please see below.

1 Shadowplay 7 She's Lost Control
2 She's Lost Control 8 Dead Souls
3 Shadowplay 9 Wilderness
4 Leaders Of Men 10 Love Will Tear Us Apart
5 Transmission 11 Atmosphere
6 Interview 12 Wired

1: Granada TV, Granada Reports 20th September 1978
2 - 4: Live Bowdon Vale Youth Club, Altrincham 14th March 1979
5 - 7: Something Else, BBC 2 TV 15th September 1979
8 - 9: Live Manchester Apollo 27th October 1979
10: Original promo video with studio soundtrack mixed in with the live one. Recorded 28th (or 18th) April 1980
11: Anton Corbijn's 1988 black & white promo video
12: Channel 4 TV feature 1-7-88. This documentary was given an official Factory catalogue number FAC 211


Pirate copies on DVDR:

Double disc set featuring Here Are The Young Men and Substance

This is a home made compilation on DVDR. We don't normally report on DVDRs but this one sold in large numbers on Ebay. 

The Here Are The Young Men disc features track selection via a main menu. The short clip of silent footage from Plan K that featured on the original video has been removed. Picture quality is pretty much as good as the original video.

The Substance disc appears to be a straightforward copy of a pirate video. No menu but Chapters have been used so you can skip to the beginning of the next track. Picture quality of the live clips is OK but the TV Clips are definitely pirate video quality. The Wired TV documentary suffers the most in terms of quality but is watchable.

Earlier pirate copies on video:

Pirate copies were widely available on video in at least two different covers (see below) and with different titles eg "TV Appearences" etc. Any Joy Division compilation video you don't recognise will almost certainly be this.

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