Released October 1981
78:56 minutes
Producer: Martin Hannett

Still was an attempt to sweep up any unreleased tracks along with a live recording of Joy Division's last concert. It was released partly in response to the number of  Joy Division bootlegs that had appeared and the title alludes to this; the original bootleggers used stills to distil liquor during the prohibition era.  

Planned for August 1981, it was eventually released on October 8th that year. The first pressing  was 5000 copies in a hessian sleeve. The CD version came out in March 1990. 

A number of the studio recordings have added post production, including over-dubs by the surviving members of the band. 

click for larger image Images show 2007 remastered reissue on 180gm vinyl which looks identical to the original ... right down to the run-off notations being the same
Thanks to Mike for the front cover scan  

1 Exercise One 12 Shadow Play
2 Ice Age 13 Means To An End
3 The Sound Of Music 14  Passover
4 Glass 15  New Dawn Fades
5 The Only Mistake 16  24 Hours *
6 Walked In Line 17  Transmission
7 The Kill 18 Disorder
8 Something Must Break 19 Isolation
9 Dead Souls 20 Decades
10 Sister Ray 21 Digital
11 Ceremony    

* Not listed on the double LP tracklisting. This track is missing from all CD releases.
Tracks 1 -9 are from studio sessions
Track 10: Moonlight Club, London 2nd April 1980 *
Tracks 11 - 21: Joy Division's last ever concert at Birmingham University, 2nd May 1980

* The date on the album is wrong - the correct date is in 2nd April not the 3rd

Pirate copies exist - click here for info

Groove notations (UK edition):

"The chicken won't stop" (side A), chicken tracks across the grooves (sides B & C), "The chicken stops here" (side D).
"The chicken won't stop" is from the Werner Herzog "Stroszek" movie.

STILL LP CD Numerous pressings

There have been numerous CD versions of Still over the years, some better than others, we're not going to try and list them here


STILL (remastered) CD 2007

Released 17 September 2007
2CD Re-mastered feauturing Still and live High Wycombe 20th February 1980
Digipak in a plastic sleeve + booklet with text by Jon Wozencroft and photographs by Jill Furmanovsky
This is the latest release of this album on CD. There have been several previous CD versions, all of which were the same as the original LP.

Joy Division CD re-releases 2007 Joy Division CD re-releases 2007
Images show Unknown Pleasures, Closer, and Still which were all re-released on the same day


1 Exercise One 11 Ceremony
2 Ice Age 12  Shadow Play
3 The Sound Of Music 13  Means To An End
4 Glass 14  Passover
5 The Only Mistake 15  New Dawn Fades
6 Walked In Line 16  Transmission
7 The Kill 17  Disorder
8 Something Must Break 18  Isolation
9 Dead Souls 19  Decades
10 Sister Ray 20  Digital

Tracks 1 -9 are from studio sessions
Track 10: Moonlight Club, London 2nd April 1980 *
Tracks 11 - 21: Joy Division's last ever concert at Birmingham University, 2nd May 1980
Note: 24 Hours, which was an uncredited track on the 2LP version, is missing
from all CD versions of Still - including this one

* The date on the album is wrong - the correct date is in 2nd April not the 3rd

High Wycombe

1 The Sound Of Music 8 Atocity Exhibition
2 A Means To An End 9 Isolation *
3 Colony 10 The Eternal *
4 24 Hours 11 Ice Age *
5 Isolation 12 Disorder *
6 Love Will Tear Us Apart 13 The Sound Of Music *
7 Disorder 14 A Means To An End *
* soundcheck


Sleeve design:  It seems that Peter Saville changed his mind about the cover design part way through the process and that the Shadowplay bootleg LP (TADD 002) is based on the original design for Still. 

Saville changed direction when he started thinking about the word "Still" in terms of "quiet" or "calm", and went for a more subtle and subdued  design. It appears that  the original Hessian sleeve version was supposed to include a booklet with photos etc, but this was dropped by Factory possibly because it was too expensive or because they preferred a more minimalist approach.


click for larger image
What's interesting about this release:

The Kill -
track 7, comes as a surprise as it isn't the song you think it's going to be. It was inevitable that Joy Division's habit of swapping song titles around would cause confusion sooner or later and this is where it happens. They have two completely different songs both called The Kill - and this is 'the other one'.

Secret track:
LP versions of this album have 24 Hours (live) as an uncredited 6th track on side 3. 
CD versions don't have this track (possibly due to lack of space on the disc?)
We think the earlier cassette releases had it, while the later versions don't. 

Groove notations on the LP version: 
Side 1: "The Chicken Won't Stop"  
Side 2 and 3 have chicken tracks 
Side 4:" The Chicken Stops here"
This is probably a reference to the Werner Herzog movie "Stroszek" from 1977, supposedly the last thing Ian watched on TV before taking his life. One of the last lines in that movie is something along the lines of "There's a dead guy in the cable car and the chicken won't stop dancing". This is shortly after Bruno, the main character in the movie, has shot himself, and there are these animals doing little tricks, like the "dancing chicken". 
Discography for the vinyl releases of Still:

Original version in hessian sleeve
UK original - hessian sleeve

Regular version
Regular UK issue

Reissue with blue text
UK re-press with blue text

of Origin
Distribution &
Catalogue Number
UK FACT40 'Hardback' pressing in hessian folder with white ribbon  
UK FACT40 'Softback' edition - originals open towards the centre
UK FACT40 Re-pressing - opens towards the edge
UK FACT40 Re-pressing - White sleeve with blue text, blue on white labels
UK FACT40 White label test pressing (mispressed with blues singer on one side)
UK FACT40 White label test pressing  
UK FACT40 2007 re-pressing. Remastered and on 180gm vinyl. Otherwise identical to the original hardback pressing in hessian folder with white ribbon.  
France Factory distributed
by Virgin
Labels printed grey on white

 Japanese version
Japanese with OBI strip

France Factory distributed
by Virgin
Labels printed silver on black
Japan Factory distributed
by Nippon Columbia
YZ 181-2
Black on yellow OBI strip
Sleeve opens towards the centre
Labels printed grey on white
Double-sided/ single sheet lyric insert
Germany Factory distributed
by Rough Trade
RTD 69
Different sleeve colour - printed grey on pale grey. Labels printed silver on white  
New Zealand EMI
EMC 226
Traditional buff EMI label with black text and red EMI logo
Spain Nuevos Medios
36 - 005A
Hard grey card inner sleeves
Labels printed grey on white
Grey gatefold sleeve with white lettering, also issued in white sleeve with grey writing
Portugal ViMusica
VFact 111-19/20
Lightweight grey card inner sleeves.
Two different editions Labels may either be green printed on white or grey printed on white. Band name on front cover in different font than the UK issue, and with the letter "J" being slightly bigger than the other characters.
Italy Base Records Initial quantities are mispressed using the wrong master.
Studio version of 'Digital' is included as are several different versions of standard issue tracks. EG. -at the end of 'Exercise One' Ian can be heard talking to the control room. Other tracks were issued on 'Heart & Soul' box set later. Black labels with white text. Gatefold sleeve with top opening.
Address on the rear sleeve is shown as 'Base Records Via Castiglione'. However, this address does not guarantee a mispress. The mispress has the matrix number FACT 40 1/FACT 40 2. On copies with corrected tracks it's FACT 1/FACT 2.
Italy Base Records Repressing with corrected tracks. No street address on back cover, only "Made in Italy by BASE RECORD Bologna". Black labels with white text. Gatefold sleeve with side opening.  
Italy Base Records Re-pressing with corrected tracks.
Address now shows as 'Via Collamarini'.
Black labels with white text. Gatefold sleeve with top opening.
Italy Base Records Later re-issue in single sleeve. Sleeve is totally different to UK edition, printed white on black with all tracklisting on rear sleeve. Address shown as 'Via Collamarini' and includes fax / phone number.
Black labels with white text. Two slightly different issues; one has "FRACTURED MUSIC" printed on the labels, the other version has a slightly more lighweight cardboard sleeve and doesn't mention "FRACTURED MUSIC" on the labels.
Australia Factory Labels printed silver on white.
This looks identical to a UK copy, but has different matrix number scratched in the run-off area of the vinyl - Matrix # 203777/ 778/ 779/ 780
Greece Factory distributed
by Virgin
VG 50119/20
Heavy, coarse card sleeve
Labels printed grey on white
Canada Factory Canada
FACD 07/08
Labels printed white on grey - same colour scheme as UK sleeve  
Brazil Stiletto
270 4002
Labels printed black on white
As far as we know Still was never released on vinyl in the US  

Some other versions ... one day we'll extend the discography to cassettes and CDs:

US longbox CD

Japanese double CD

Chinese CD - card slipcase

Saudi cassette


Japanese 2 x CD








Italy longbox cassette

UK cassette

Canada purple cassette 

US Qwest cassette

 Russian CD