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About This Site

Please note that the Shadowplay web site is no longer maintained on a regular basis. I will update these pages only if significant new information comes to light or if I discover any major errors or omissions. Despite this, I still welcome any constructive feedback. You can contact me by electronic mail although I can't promise an immediate reply. Nor can I help with queries about buying, selling, trading or valuing items (most official releases can be purchased from the Amazon.co.uk web site).

In June 2002 I decided to join Marko, Erik and Øyvind as an associate on the Joy Division Central site, and much of the content from the Shadowplay site has been integrated into the Joy Division Central pages. The Shadowplay site does, however, still hold all my original material, and this is still the place to look for full details of Joy Division's songs and lyrics and their appearances on compilation albums.

My own original work is copyright © Chris Warren 1997 to 2012. You may take a copy for personal use only. I make no claim to copyright in material which has been derived from other sources. While such material has been obtained from sources which do not claim exclusive rights nor place any restrictions on its use, no warranties are given that it is in fact free of any such restrictions.

No warranties are given about the accuracy of the information held on these pages, nor about its fitness for any specific purpose. This web site is intended for your personal enlightenment and enjoyment only. No authorisation is given or implied for the use of any of the material for commercial purposes.

Sources I have used for reference and cross-checking include the following:

I have attempted to verify all the material which appears here against a second independent source. In particular I have verified the lyrics against the original recordings rather than rely on someone else's interpretation.

I acknowledge with thanks the contribution of many people over many years to the store of knowledge about Joy Division. My special thanks go to:

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