Hawkeye: To conquer the world !

The Hawkeye label produced many of the best Joy Division and New Order bootlegs:

Hawkeye releases:   Hawkeye related releases:
001 - Ideal for living EP
002 - Solitary demands EP
003 - Out of balance, out of tune EP
004 - Russel Club album
005 - Retrospective album
006 - Paradise Garage (New Order) album
007 - 4 4 1 (New Order) album
008 - Eindhoven double album
009 - Here are the young men album
010 - John's Children (w/ Marc Bolan) album
011 - Nomads (swedish group) album
012 - BBC (by who?)
013 - Velvet Underground - Amsterdam 1971
014 - Greatest hits (New Order) 
015 - Echo & the Bunnymen - Peel / YMCA

New Order - Confusion single
Joy Division - Malvern / Eric's album
Joy Division - Le terme - part 2 
Joy Division - Rough Trade EP
Joy Division - Futurama 2 / Live 1979 album



Listings in green were planned - but never actually released

The Hawkeye story:

This article was originally published in the "Standard" #2 1986. 
This magazine was produced by: Max Admiraal and Gerard Davelaar from the Netherlands; 
Marie Presager in France, and Jan Erik Justesen in Norway.
The author was Gerard Davelaar

Hawkeye is not so much a label as it is an idea. They were only in it for the fun of releasing albums, and not for the money. The only thing the Hawk got for his idea’s were some sample copies from the released albums. Another reason was that, by offering new titles other “companies” wouldn’t repackage old albums and release these over and over again. Thanks to this policy a variety of albums is or was available. Only recently the silly repackaging and digging up old shit has begun. (An example is the “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” album, no information given about the tracks, and all the tracks taken from previously released gigs.)

Hawkeye Logo

Hawkeye Logo

The albums came not from one “company”, but were produced by various people in the USA and Europe. But the idea for Hawkeye started much earlier, under a different name and produced various EP’s.
It started in the spring of 1982, when someone got access to doing EP’s cheaply. He didn’t have material though and turned to a long time friend and asked him if he had any idea’s. This guy was a Joy Division fan from the early days on, and he had noticed that cassettes with Joy Division gigs were going very well, so he suggested a Joy Division EP. The choice was not too difficult as the “Ideal for Living” EP was never properly available in the Netherlands and that becomes the first release. In a couple of months the record was out on the Coco record label.

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Hawk 001