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Stephen's professional career

My grandfather Stephen Lopez (1877-1953) worked in international travelling theatre companies from the beginning of the 20th century until the early 1940s when he settled in London with his wife Bessie and 4 children.

He worked his way up to management of the Bandman Theatre Company until the death of Maurice Bandman in 1922. Thereafter he continued in theatrical management as his own boss.

He kept
two scrap books chronicling his career, including playbills, programmes, newspaper reviews, advertisements, hotel bills and receipts, photographs, business cards and other paper ephemera.

I have scanned and transcribed a lot of the material -
click here for the results of my work!

Maurice E. Bandmann - biographical information

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Maurice Bandmann (seated, centre in group photo below) was born in 1872 in New York, USA. His father was Daniel Edward Bandmann, an actor, and his mother (Daniel's second wife) was Millicent Palmer, a Shakespearean actress. Maurice was an actor and theatre company owner who toured his companies throughout the world, notably in India and the Far East. He also owned theatres, including the Empire Theatres in Calcutta and Gibraltar. Click here for details of his career. Apparently Bandmann dropped the final 'n' in his surname during the early 20th century to make it less Germanic.

Maurice died in Gibraltar in 1922 aged 50. Scans of newspaper obituaries are below, which give fuller details of his life and work.


Calcutta March 1922

Madras Mail - Editorial -
Monday March 13th 1922

The Times of India Monday March 13th 1922

Madras Mail Monday March 13th 1922