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The Alexanders of Wiltshire: Easton (Royal), Pewsey and Ramsbury
with branches created in London, the USA and Australia

John Alexander§ was born in 1589 in Easton, Berkshire (now called Easton Royal) and married Agnes Buffen§, (born in 1591, Easton) on 10th May 1611 in Easton.

They had four, or possibly five, children:
Walter, christened 9th Jan 1616

William, christened 20th March 1621

Francis, christened 9th October 1622

(possibly) Charles, christened 1625

and John §, christened 6th March 1631, in Easton who married Dorotie§ (surname unknown, born in 1630) in 1652.
John and Dorotie had two children:
Frances, christened 6th Jan 1665 and

John §, christened in Easton on 2nd February 1659 who married Sarah Ellis§ (born 1664 Ramsbury) on 26 Nov 1687 in Shinfield. They lived in Ramsbury and had six children:
Sarah 18th November 1688

Martha 18th Jan 1688

John, christened on 6th Jan 1688 Easton. He married Elizabeth Braxstone/Brackstone on 31st Oct 1708 in Ramsbury. The fascinating story of his family and the descendants who emigrated to America can be found on Mark J Alexander's site here and there is a lot more history on a pdf document here.
In addition, other descendants are to be found in Australia due to two brothers who were transported to Van Diemen's Land (now called Tasmania) because they were convicted of participation in the Swing Riots. They were transported on the convict ship Eliza in 1831 and more information can be found

Edward, christened 16th March 1691

Mary, christened 1687

Pewsey ChurchThomas § christened 6th December 1691 whose wife was Sarah Allen § who was christened on 30th Nov 1695 in Pewsey, where they married on 18th October 1718.

They had eight children:

John christened 23rd August 1719

Thomas christened 20th October 1723 and died before 1742

Edmond christened 21st August 1726

Alexander christened 11th May 1729

Simon christened 15th August 1732

Elizabeth christened 25th March 1738

Thomas christened 4th December 1742

Their second-born son was
William§ christened on 10th September 1721 in Pewsey. He married Mary New§ on 8th December 1747 in Lambourne. William and Mary had six sons, who were:

Thomas christened 3rd September 1749

John christened 12th January 1752

Simon christened 11th March 1759

James christened 10th January 1762

Roger christened 18th August 1765

and their third-born son, Joseph§, christened 10 Aug 1755. He married Sarah Watkins§ on 7 Oct 1788 and they bring us onto this page of Alexanders...