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Deborah Curtis Interview
Todd Eckert and Orian Williams: Producers from LA Based Claraflora films. Orian's previous films include: Shadow Of The Vampire, Tennis, Anyone ...?

They were the only Americans involved with the film and they were keen from the outset for it to reflect the true Ian Curtis and employed an English writer and actors to achieve this.
Anton Corbijn: Director.
A big Joy Division fan, he moved to the UK in 1979 from Holland in order to be nearer his heros, in November 1979 he took his first photos with the band including the famous Tube Station shot. He remained in the UK and has had an impressive career in photography and making music videos for the likes of Depeche Mode and U2. He directed the Joy Division 1988 Atmosphere video.

Anton Corbijn DVD

Deborah Curtis: Co-producer.
Ian Curtis's widow. Her book Touching from a Distance (Faber & Faber 1995) provides the most detailed biographical portrayal of Ian Curtis to date. While not a "warts and all" expose she does not shy away from some of Ian's less endearing characteristics.
Deborah still lives in Macclesfield

See our Deborah Curtis interview

Touching from a Distance book

Tony Wilson:
Articulate Cambridge graduate and TV presenter who gave Joy Division their TV break on What's On and So It Goes. As founder of Factory Records and part owner of the Hacienda nightclub his influence in the Manchester music scene has been considerable. He is the main character in the fictionalised story of Factory Records in the film 24 Hour Party people, and he wrote of his own experiences in the book of the same name.

"It's like when I sat down to write the book of the film. I had problems with every single scene. What do I do - tell the truth, or go for the myth? It's a big formal problem. But, this is a film, so my instinct was go with the myth every time."' - Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson died in August 2007.
Matt Greenhalgh: Writer:
Matt was was a nightlife journalist on City Life magazine for five years and wrote Clocking Off (amongst other TV shows).

He took Deborah Curtis's book and expanded on it by interviewing the appropriate people, Including Annik Honore. Born and bred in Salford, like Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner he appreciates the difference between Manchester, Macclesfield, and Salford where the story takes place.
Sam Riley: Actor - Role Ian Curtis
Born England 8 January 1980. Sam is the lead singer of UK indie band 10,000 Things. He has appeared in a couple of films including 24 Hour Party People where he played Mark E Smith. In an interview with Yorkshire Post newspaper Sam said "I initially went auditioning for the drummer. But then they asked me back. I left without much hope. But I guess I didn't do too bad."

Sam Riley to play Ian Curtis

Samantha Morton: Actress - Role Deborah Curtis
Born England 13 May 1977. Has appeared in a string of films including Minority Report (2002) and more recently played starring roles in films such as River Queen (2005) and The Libertine (2004) with Johnny Depp. Now living in the US she is clearly a rising talent.

Alexandra Maria Lara: Actress - Role Annik Honore
Born Romania 12 November 1978 and grew up in Germany. At the age of 16 she appeared in TV dramas and has since appeared in numerous German films.

Alexandra Maria Lara web page

Photo (C) Daniel Fuerg

James Anthony Pearson: Actor - Role Bernard Sumner
Currently living in Edinburgh, he has appeared in TV programmes such as Casualty, Holby City and Monarch of the Glen..
Harry Treadaway: Actor - Role Stephen Morris
Born 10th September 1984  Harry has appeared in Brothers of the Head and various TV programmes
Joe Anderson: Actor - Role Peter Hook
At the time of writing (september 2006) he has three films in the post-production stage: Control, Across The Universe, and Becoming Jane.
Craig Parkinson: Actor - Role tony Wilson
Has appreared in numerous TV programmes including: Black Books, Holby City, and the Worst Week Of My Life
Tony Kebbell: Actor - Role Rob Gretton
Born in Yorkshire in 1982 he left school at 15 to become a painter and decorator. Previous films include: Alexander, Dead Man's Shoes, and Wilderness