Our previous updates on Control: The Ian Curtis movie
Update at Sept 24th 2005:  
The directors have informed us that Samantha Morton is attached to play Deborah Curtis ... and they are still searching for Ian Curtis, they hope to have him cast very soon. Anton Corbijn loves the script, so does everyone on the project ... including the band and Deborah.

They also tell us Matt did an amazing job contructing the story for the screen, and Anton has come up with a unique way to tell the story on the screen.
Update at May 14th 2005:  
The script for Control is now complete, and we can confirm that writer Matt Greenhalgh did spend some time interviewing Annik Honore - along with all the other key characters. According to the directors, the film "dives not only into the book, but into Annik and Ian's relationship, and his time with the band. The movie covers it all"

In an
interview with Lee McFadden, Deborah Curtis said "I want the film to be as good as it can possibly be, to explain the kind of problems that Ian was up against. At the same time, the band would want to show the fun times as well. The irony of it is, at that age he should have been having the time of his life being in a band, and he wasn't."
Update: at March 2005  
The following bands have reportedly been approached to feature on "Out Of Control" - a CD of cover versions to accompany the film ... U2, Marilyn Manson, Kraftwerk, and Doves. Only Kraftwerk are reported to have said no.
 Update at January 16th 2005:  

Ian Curtis Film News: Working title is now Control

Notes from Claraflora press conference ("Claraflora" - Peel
Suite, Radisson Edwardian, 12 noon, January 7th 2005) :

Ian Curtis Film - Press Conference (C) Joy Division Central
Matt Greenhalgh, Anton Corbijn, Orian, Todd, Deborah Curtis, Tony Wilson
Photo (C) Copyright Joy Division Central

Producers : Todd Eckert and Orian.
Co-Producers : Deborah Curtis and Tony Wilson
Writer : Matt Greenhalgh
Director : Anton Corbijn

Working Title : Control (AC's idea).

Lead Role : "In dialogue with certain actors that you know", "Universally open field", "Specific ideas", "We would love a local actor", "Producers are the only Americans involved in the film". Todd also stated that certain actors have been suggested, but Deborah has turned them down. Difficult job as the lead actor has to satisfy DW/TW/AC/Joy Division and everyone who knew him. No actors that have been approached have turned them down.

Location : Manchester, possible some Euro locations.

Tony Wilson : "All music films are shite". "The miracle of 24 HrPP was that it didn't go wrong". "Todd/Orian are not the usual movie people fucking up music". "Joy Division were NOT from Manchester".

Todd : "The idea of JD as the 'Ultra dark experience' is totally false. It was all about energy. This is the job of the film." He said everybody wanted to convey the honesty that was contained in the book.

Matt : "Proud", "IC was GOD", "Lot to live up to", "It's best to have producers with american accents".

Orian : His idea to do the film, have been awaiting Deborah/Natalie's trust.

Timetable :
Screenplay - end of February.
Casting - March/April.
Finance - Cannes in May.
Preproduction = July.

Music : Moby will be involved - even though he was going to be involved with the rival film and the producers of this one weren't initially keen. The music will have an original JD soundtrack - and there will be another soundtrack with JD cover versions. Bands will be given a song and just 'a couple of days' to record it. No bands that have been approached have turned it down. Update: at March 2005 the following bands have reportedly been approached U2, Marilyn Manson, Kraftwerk, The Smiths and Doves. Only Kraftwerk are reported to have said no.

Misc :
Ian Curtis was a City fan. Wilson didn't know this, DC confirmed it.
Wilson's glad of Corbijn as he can get revenge on Rob. For years Wilson thought everybody hated the Atmosphere video, but only found out last year that it was actually only Rob who hated it, the rest 'loved it'.
Malcolm McLaren has done a 'mix' of JD 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' and Capt & Tennille's 'Love Will Keep Us Together'. Wilson played it at the conference.
Wilson maintains the favourite name for New Order (before New Order) was 'Happy Valley Dance Band'.

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Here's how BBC Northwest television reported on January 11th 2005

Kate Simms : “Genius, depressive, music legend, Ian Curtis has been many
things to many people. Now his life story is about to reach a much bigger
audience. For Salford-born writer Matt Greenhalgh it’s a dream come true.”

Matt Greenhalgh: “He was definitely one of the godfathers of the city, and
to be able to write a film - a Hollywood film at that - about it is just
great. I was very proactive in getting this.”

Kate Simms: “The team behind the film is an eclectic mix, with American
producers and a Dutch director. Its co-producers, though, are more
familiar. The film is based on the book by Ian Curtis’s wife Debbie and no
film about Joy Division would be complete without this familiar face [Tony
Wilson] who has his own stories to add to the mix.”

Tony Wilson: “There was the character whose head poked out of a fourth
story window in London one night while he and the rest of his band were
raining eggs and flour and water on me and my group trying to get into a
van where they’d ‘jammed’ the door handles.”

Kate Simms: “It’s hoped that ‘Control’ will go into pre-production this

With thanks to Kate Butler

Our previous reports on the Ian Curtis film:
These Days - the film of Deborah Curtis's "Touching From A Distance" is due to start shooting in Autumn 2005:

LA / Pittsburgh Based Claraflora have the exclusive option and have been working closely with Deborah Curtis who will act as co-producer.

According to company principle Todd Eckert the film will tell the true story of Ian Curtis: "We're looking to give the world a truthful view of who Ian Curtis really was ... Given his suicide, there's so much concentration on the dark side of his life. We want to also concentrate on the energy that made people love Ian Curtis and Joy Division in the first place, while putting difficult elements such as his epilepsy into perspective. It will be a balanced approach - this isn't the rock and roll Shine."

To be filmed on location: Manchester

Filming begins: Autumn 2005

Producers: Todd Eckert, Orian Williams

Co-producer: Deborah Curtis

Director: Anton Corbjin

Writer: Matt Greenhalgh

Deborah Curtis and Orian Williams of Claraflora during a production meeting for the film based on Touching From A Distance in Manchester April 2004

Photo (C) Natalie Curtis