Joy Division

30th June 1977: Rafters, Manchester

Generation X, Warsaw and the Worst (or Fast Breeder)

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Generation X were originally scheduled to play at The Oaks, Chorlton on this night but the venue was changed to "Archies" - a new club at Rafters Manchester.

This concert is often confused with 31 May 1977 Rafters gig where Warsaw supported Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers.

Kevin Cummins tells us he saw Warsaw at both of these concerts but he only photographed them at Generation X on 30th June. Those photos are sometimes miscredited to the Heartbreakers gig on 31 May. Additionally Mark Johnson's Ideal For Living book incorrectly listed the Johnny Thunders gig as 30th June.

This was Steve Brotherdale's first gig

There is some confusion over whether The Worst or Fast Breeder were on the bill that night. Some sources say The Worst while Peter Hook's Unknown Pleasures ... book states "A running order squabble with Fast Breeder led us to meeting a pre-Factory Alan Erasamus for the first time ...". It seems that the two bands shared at least one band member, Dave Rowbotham (aka Cowboy Dave), later of The Durutti Column and The Mothmen. Also The Worst apparently had a song called Fast Breeder, so it's easy to see how this confusion arose. If you know for sure please let us know!

Fast Breeder drummer Chris Joyce was also later of The Durutti Column and Simply Red.