Joy Division

28th July 1979: The Mayflower Club, Manchester
The Funhouse Festival "Stuff the Superstars" Special
With The Fall, The Distractions, John the Postman, Frantic Elevators, The Hamsters etc

   Joy Division
 Thanks to Greg P for the poster image  Thanks to Phil Worrall for the ticket scan

JOY DIVISION. Their manager reads a book during most of the evening. No, it's not a pose, he's a genuinely serious bloke, well into philosophy and such. He sees it as a job to do (and he's rather good at it). He's not impressed by the hype, the 'next big thing' bit. He knew they were a big thing years ago. Joy Division, in one form or another, were in at the start. THEY knew where they were going, even if we didn't. 

 The album seems to have cleared up any doubts on that score. How many people came to the gig on the strength of that album, or of the John Peel sessions, I don't know. What i do know is that, talking to People afterwards, joy division made one hell of an impression. Whether they Like it or not, joy division are a crowd puller! It's almost impossible to match a recording as good as theirs with an equally good performance. Joy Division pulled it off. THEY WERE BRILLIANT, I MEAN BRILLIANT!
- City Fun fanzine

Dave Tickle contacted us saying he annotated his flyer on the day - so we now know what order the bands came on. Here's his list:

1 Elti Fits
2 Hamsters
3 Armed Force
4 Foreign Press (not advertised but played nontheless)
5 Frantic Elevators (Mick Hucknall)
6 Joy Division
7 Ludus
8 The Liggers
9 The Fall
10 The Distractions
? Nothing registered for Jon the Postman, Psychedelic or 5 Skinners - I may have left early or maybe they didn't play.

Stuff The Superstars
This flyer scan thanks to Jon of the Hamsters - via the Unofficial Fall Website