Joy Division

25th June 1977: The Squat, Manchester

With The Worst

Tony Moon reviewed one of the Squat gigs for Sounds: "Tony Tabac is on drums...he only joined a few weeks ago, Peter Hook is on bass/plastic cap, Barney Rubble is on guitar and Ian Curtis is the voice. Lotsa Action and jumping in the'Tension', 'The Kill'..."

Tony also states this is Warsaw's sixth gig and The Worst's second. This is important in confirming the date of this gig as The Worst's web site states their second gig was on 25th June. Many thanks to Mark Woodley who researched all of this.

Deborah Curtis decribes the Squat in Touching From a Distance: "Around this time, Martin 'Zero', Hannett came on the scene. He was a student at Manchester University, and he and his girlfriend Susannah O'Hara began to promote local bands. They managed to find local venues in the most unlikely places, including an edifice nicknamed 'the Squat' on Devas Street, off Oxford Road. This was the worst venue - the surrounding landscape had already been flattened and the Squat stood lonely, waiting for its fate, yet bands flocked to play there.I didn't believe anyone would be able to perform because I was convinced the power wasn't even connected. ... ... ... During June 1977, Warsaw bounced backwards and forwards between The Squat and Rafters in Manchester"

Whilst this is what Deborah remembers we have only found proof for one gig at the Squat 25th June 1977. It's not uncommon for people to remember several gigs when there was only one or two and if any more dates are proven we'll add them to our listings.