Joy Division

24th October 1979: The Odeon Theatre, Birmingham
On tour with the Buzzcocks


Thanks to Phil Williams for the scan

Newspaper advert

Chris Warren could see something was wrong in his review for  'City Fun' magazine:

8-O-Clock Joy Division come on stage, launch into a number I don't know bathed in cobalt blue light impressive. Curtis begins his kaleidoscopic rubber-man dance. The sound especially the relentless bass pulses through my chest. Between songs the band falter for drink and retuning and in songs Curtis often wanders aimlessly away (Why? Why?). 

Albrecht stands head down playing his guitar deep in concentration. Hook half bent at the knees, back to the 
audience seems miles apart from the rest of the band. Morris's drumming booms and ricochets around the massive interior.
Usual numbers such as 'She's Lost Control', Wilderness', 'Day of the Lords', 'New Dawn Fades', and the up-tempo 'Insight' with its flailing drums finish the set with 'Transmission' as an encore.

At the end of the set Curtis seems like he's being led off steadied by a helping arm. Is he ill?

The set was short, the organ wasn't used (presumably for 'Atmosphere'). 

Something's wrong. The band didn't come across too well in this size of place except on a few numbers and apart from Curtis the others seem a bit under-involved. Tour-fatigue ???


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