Joy Division

22nd September 1979: Nashville Rooms, London Two different tapes of this concert exist Two different tapes of this concert exist Two different tapes of this concert exist

There are three different recordings of this concert - one soundboard and two audience tapes - see below

Songs performed
01. Atmosphere (missing from the soundboard recording)
02. Wilderness (cuts on the audience recording 1)
03. Shadowplay
04. Leaders Of Men
05. Insight
06. Colony
07. Transmission
08. Disorder
09. She's Lost Control
10. Atrocity Exhibition
11. Glass
12. Exercise One.

Soundboard recording Appx. duration: 50 mins. Sound quality 8+/9 does not include Atmosphere

Audience recording 1 (sound quality 7+/9) includes all
the above songs, but Wilderness cuts.

Audience recording 2 (sound quality 7/9) includes all
the above songs, Wilderness is complete and the tape chatter at the start of Leaders of Men which is on the other audience tape is not present.

All songs appeared on the following bootleg, all soundboard except Atmosphere from an audience recording:

Nashville Ballroom LP

Exercise One  LP

The soundboard recording appeared in full (apart
from Atmosphere) on the following bootlegs:

Stiff Kittens -Try To Cure Yourself LP

At Last LP (reissue of above)

The Atrocity Exhibition CD

Some songs from this concert appeared on the following bootleg LP:

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams LP

Atmosphere appeared on the following LP

Out Of The room LP

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Nashville Rooms photographed in 2002
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Phil Smudge was there: I was 16 just out of school. I paid on the door, the only other thing I can say about the night was it was electric for a pub gig and Rat Scabies from the Damned was there stood at the bar memorized.

Melanie Couldrey sent us these memories: I'd seen them on Something Else on TV the week before - first time I'd heard them - so knew it was going to be good but still I was shocked at how strongly they hit me. Very intense, very intoxicating, especially for someone who hadn't been to that many gigs. The two songs that I recall particularly are Insight, where there seemed to be some kind of weird visual sparking effect from the guitar, and Atrocity Exhibition, which felt like the whole experience for me in one song. "This is the way, step inside": ok I will! I went off to uni a week later and spent the whole first term telling anyone who'd listen that they needed to go and see Joy Division.