Joy Division

17th May 1979: Acklam Hall, Notting Hill, London

Acklam Hall is off the Portobello Road and held around 250 people.

Incomplete set list from Nick Stewart's recollections (see below)

New Dawn Fades

Sounds advert
Advert from Sounds 12th May 1979
Thanks to Phil Williams for the scan

Acklam Hall photographed in 2002 (C) Copyright Joy Division - The Eternal web site
(Michel Enkiri) and reproduced here with permission

Nick Stewart was there:
"I donít remember too much about it to be honest.  The JD set was not long that I do recall. Isolation Transmission and New Dawn Fades were certainly in the set. Sound was poor. It was packed and I think Paul Morley was there"

Note: It's unlikely Isolation was performed as Paul Morley's review of the University of London Union gig February 1980 says the song had been written "only days before".