Joy Division

13th August 1979: Nashville Rooms, London

With Orchestral Manoeuvres and A Certain Ratio

Songs performed:

01: Atmosphere
01. She's Lost Control
02. Exercise One
03. Disorder
04. Colony
05. Candidate

06. Autosuggestion
07. Ice Age

This entire set list is not confirmed, but we thinks it's right, and the four songs in green have made it onto bootleg tapes.

Appx. duration: 15 mins. Sound quality: 7+/9

Joy Division were involved in a motor accident on their way back to Manchester but they escaped injury.

Nashville Rooms photographed in 2002
(C) Copyright
Joy Division - The Eternal web site (Michel Enkiri) and reproduced here with permission  
John Jackson was there: I was at this gig as a 13 year old. I was into punk and would go to gigs and try to get in with the gang. We would often go to the Nashville as it was local and my dad knew the doorman Brian.

I had no idea who Joy Division were at the time and my outstanding memory of this gig was OMD's reel to reel tape machine (OMD were a two piece at the time) and it took centre stage.

The other thing I remember was there was a stack of amps to the right hand side of the stage (unusual from my memories of the Nashville) which left a three foot gap between them and the wall where my friends and I watched the gig.