Joy Division

11th July 1979: Roots Club, trading as the Cosmopolitan (or Cosmo) Club, Francis Street, Chapeltown, Leeds


Songs performed:
01. Dead Souls
02. Shadowplay
03. She's Lost Control
04. Candidate (left channel occasionally drops out on some bootleg tapes)
05. These Days
06. Disorder
07. Interzone
08. Glass
09. Transmission
10. Atrocity Exhibition (brief internal cut on most bootleg tapes)
11. No Love Lost.

Appx. duration: 40 mins. Sound quality: 6-7/9
This live recording does not have very good sound
quality. This is one of the relatively few times
Candidate was performed live and also preserved on
tape for posterity.

In 2004 an inline/low generation version of this recording surfaced. This doesn't have any left channel drop-out in Candidate, but the same internal cut in Atrocity Exhibition and cut between the last two songs. It's probably from the same master/source as the old version. Appx. duration: 42 mins. Sound quality: 7-8//9

There is also a version of this recording without the internal cut in Atrocity Exhibition and no cut between the two last songs. Otherwise it seems to be the same as the old inferior tape. We don't believe this is from a different source than the above versions, but if you think differently let us know!

This concert features on the following bootlegs:


The Day of The Lords

The building as the Pheonix Circa 2006 
Photo (C) 
JohnnyG1955 and reproduced here with permission

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