Joy Division

6th October 1979: Odeon, Edinburgh, Scotland
On tour with the Buzzcocks

Songs performed:

01. Leaders Of Men
02. Digital
03. Day Of The Lords
04. Transmission
05. Shadowplay
06. She's Lost Control
07. New Dawn Fades
08. Disorder
09. Transmission

Appx. duration: 30 mins. Sound quality: 7-/9
Tape does not have track 09 Transmission - see below

Ticket signed by Pete Shelley

Thanks to Steve
and the
Edinburgh Gig Archive
for the scan

Song 01 appeared on the following bootleg album:

At The Moonlight Club LP

Euan was at the gig and remembers Transmission being performed as the encore. It looks like the taper had turned off his cassette recorder and missed it. Here's how Euan remembers the gig:

They definitely played Transmission twice as I had never heard the song, or Joy Division, until that night and thought it was a very distinctive song in their set. They played their initial set and went off at which point I raced out to the merchandise stall but while I was there they started back up again and played Transmission once more - having come back on for an encore. I had been in the circle up the stairs but this time just ran back into the stalls downstairs and watched it from there. Then they went off again and that was the end of the set.

I distinctly remember the stage, which was very big, being very empty of equipment and the only lighting was a very deep and powerful blue.I've heard the cassette tape and remember that the bass was a lot stronger and really heavy in the actual hall than it sounds on the tape. Anyway, I went out and bought Transmission which was released that or the following week, I think, without actually knowing which song it was and when I played it I thought that's why they performed it twice because it was the new single. 


Morris was there and wrote this period review

Many thanks to Morris and the Edinburgh Gig Archive for the above

Buzzcocks / Joy Division Autumn Tour 1979 Gig Schedule

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