Joy Division

5th October 1979: Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland
On tour with the Buzzcocks

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According to the excellent 'Buzzcocks : The Complete History' by Tony McGartland -

"Glasgow, Apollo. After the concert, an initially quiet drink in the bar of the Central Hotel soon becomes a night of outrageous 'dare' games between Buzzcocks and Joy Division, resulting in the police being called and Boon receiving a massive bill for the drinks and damage".

Al - from remembers the following:
"I saw them at the Glasgow Apollo and they were fantastic but only did a very short set. They definitely did Transmission as they had recently been on the telly doing that song and I even remember some of the Glasgow punks imitating Ian Curtis' spastic dance, which was funny! We met the Buzzcocks in the backstreet after the gig as they were loading up their gear and almost everyone was asking them why Joy Division only got to play for a short time!! They said that was how long they wanted to play for and could easily have done more, but we all thought they were worried that JD were stealing their thunder!" Al - from

The Apollo was demolished in 1985. Click the venue picture for loads more information about the Apollo and the other bands that performed there.