Joy Division

5th July 1979: Limit Club, West Street, Sheffield

Supported by OMD

Sheffield Star newspaper advert on the day of the gig The Limit Club was in the basement of a disused Jeans factory / warehouse at 70-82 West Street, Sheffield. It was a medium sized
nightclub and venue for gigs. It opened in March 30th 1978 and closed around 12 years later in 1991 or 1992. In 2002 a new block of offices/residencies appeared where it once was.

Sheffield Star newspaper advert Tuesday 3rd July  1979
Joy Division were one of the 3 bands on the Thursday

At the end of its time it had enjoyed a sorry reputation for violence, drugs
and sleaze but the place was certainly legendary.

The atmosphere inside was always dark and dingy, due to the insides being painted black, the roof was very low and there was always the smell of marajuana, which hit you as you went down the stairs. The carpet was very sticky, and they used to say that the only reason you didn't bang your head on the roof was because you were stuck to the carpet. In fact the floor was in such a state, with spilled beer, that it seemed to be covered in tar.

The sound system was extremely loud. And there was a very low stage, which tallish performers had to contort themselves on. Even now, in 2003 lots of local bars have Limit nights - so the legend lives on.

Above info taken from a more complete article on The Engine Room site