Joy Division concert

5th April 1980: Malvern Winter Gardens

Songs performed:
01. Disorder
02. Wilderness
03. Twenty Four Hours
04. Heart And Soul
05. Atmosphere
06. Love Will Tear Us Apart
07. Isolation
08. Interzone
09. She's Lost Control
10. Girls Don't Count/jam with SECTION 25.
Appx. duration: 40 mins. Sound quality: 8/9

There a second recording of this concert. Poorer sound quality (7-) probably with Disorder missing. It doesn't have the loud yell from an audience member at the start of 24 Hours. It seems to be relatively uncommon and, at March 2009, none of the CD or LP bootlegs have used it.

This concert was released on the following bootlegs:

Winter Gardens double CD

Live Malvern/Eric's LP

Isolation LP

Aus Grauer Städte Mauern LP

Twenty Four Hours LP

Live at Malvern Winter Gardens, April 5th 1980 LP

My Heart And Soul - Live April 1980 LP

One track appears on:

Out Of The room LP

Joy Division finished a glowing set at Malvern with an encore jam with support group Section 25. It was based on the Section 25 single "Girls Don't Count" (FAC 18) which had been produced by Rob Gretton and Ian Curtis.

Phil was there:
"I met the band backstage. They were all very polite and friendly, apart from Hooky, who was being an arse. The rest of the band were sat talking, along with members of the support act, Section 25 and a couple of people I didn't recognise. Ian was sat on his own. He seemed in good spirits, though looked tired and had a painful-looking shaving rash under his chin. He talked enthusiastically about the "new songs" and actually thanked me (but I don't know what for!) He spoke in a soft, high-pitched voice, which surprised me. Fond memories indeed!"

Timm2574 (Ebay) was there:
"It felt like we were in the middle of nowhere (sorry, Malvern) and the sound wasn't great in their cavernous hall. The audience was a bit sparse, too, which didn't help. The support band, Section 25, joined Joy Division for an encore of 'Sister Ray', but Ian Curtis soon wandered off, leaving the rest of them to it".
[Note: The encore was Girls Don't Count not Sister Ray}
  Ticket stub - click for larger image
Thanks to Neil Woodvine for the scan

Thanks to Steve Benham for the scan

Winter Gardens photographed in 2002
(C) Copyright
Joy Division - The Eternal web site
(Michel Enkiri) and reproduced here with permission
In November 2013 a set list literally written on the back of a fag packet rurned up on Ebay and was bought by Ben Walker for £2,050.00.

Here's the story of the set list from the Ebay listing: "I was a resident roadie at Malvern Winter Gardens in 1979-81. They had a great series of punk/new wave/heavy metal/whatever gigs over that time, mainly promoted by Cherry Red who picked some great new acts to come to a small town. For doing the necessary of putting the PA together and loading it back into the truck after, you would get in for free and get paid a tenner which was great for a student and major street cred!

I did the roady bit for Joy Division on 1980 and as part of pulling down the PA, I pocketed the set list that was taped to the front monitors. I used to collect the tickets for the Malvern gigs but as I’d got in for nothing I didn’t have a ticket for that night. Would have been a nice matching pair ... I wrote on it in pencil at the time "Joy Division 12 March- April 1980". It is actually 5 April 1980, but I was 19 at the time and not too precise. I have thought about rubbing off my pencil writing but I will leave it to the winning bidder to decide about that".
    Thanks to Ben Walker for the photos