Joy Division

3rd November 1979: Sophia Gardens, Cardiff (cancelled)
On tour with the Buzzcocks

South Wales Echo Friday 2nd November 1979
Thanks to The Wolf Man Knew My Father for the scan

This concert was cancelled. The South Wales Echo were still advertising tickets for sale on Thursday 1st November, but in Friday 2nd's edition there was a "CANCELLED" sign stamped across the advert.

Mark Anderson didn't see the paper ... he tells us "I turned up not knowing of the cancellation and was told by box office staff that it was cancelled due to poor ticket sales. I do not know if this is correct but am relating what I was informed at the time".

The cancellation may have been a relief to Joy Division as Ian had suffered a lengthy seizure at the Bournemouth concert the night before and this would have provided a much needed break.

Books that call the venue "Sofia" are incorrect.

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