Joy Division

2nd November 1979: Winter Gardens, Bournemouth
On tour with the Buzzcocks

Thanks to Neil for the scan.

Songs performed:
01. I Remember Nothing
02. Love Will Tear Us Apart
03. Interzone
04. Colony
05. Insight
06. These Days
07. Digital
08. Transmission
09. Atrocity Exhibition.

Appx. duration: 40 mins. Sound quality: 8+/9

This concert appeared on the following bootlegs:

Winter Gardens 2CD

Dante's Inferno LP

Bournemouth LP
(this issue does not feature all nine tracks)

Let The Movie Begin CD (one track)

The Marble Index CD (one track)

Closer To The Unknown Treasures LP (one track)
Alternate Unknown Pleasures LP (one track)

Unknown Pleasures Live LP  (one track)

Closer Live (one track)

Ticket stub
Thanks to
Neil Woodvine for the scan.

Grymm was at the concert: "I went to the Bournemouth Winter Gardens (and the High Wycombe) Gig.

My memories of the Bournemouth gig are not happy ones,it all started well with Ian performin well and doing his usual 'plugged into the mains' dance but as the show progressed Ian's singing became increasingly incoherent, with periods that he was staring glazed and very pale into middle distance.

Then towards the end during another frenzied dance he keeled over backwards into the drum kit and was carried off.........end of show!." 

Thanks to Neil for the scan.

Ian Curtis had indeed suffered a lengthy seizure and approximately 90 minutes after the end of their performance an ambulance arrived for him. Mark Woodley has transcribed the following from an unofficial tape of the Buzzcocks performance:

The Buzzcocks finish their final encore with the trashing of guitars, etc, the waves of howling feedback are suddenly killed as a very worried Pete Shelley returns to the mic ...

"Right, hang on, an important announcement, right, whatever you do don't block the entrance 'cos the singer of Joy Division’s just come down seriously ill and an ambulance is coming round for him, right, so if you block the entrance outside everybodys gonna be (he breaks off to shout at a heckler). Right, I'm telling you don't block the entrance going backstage 'cos an ambulance is coming for him. Right, thank you."

In 2019 Tom Vague had the following recollections based on a review he did for Vague #2

After begging 10ps outside the Winter Gardens for an hour, I got in to discover that Chris had a guest pass for me, as the bands were staying at the hotel where he was working. He got the drinks in and then it was decision time, Joy Division were coming on, should we go in and see them or stay in the bar?

Our decision is made for us by the bouncers, who herd everyone out. I would have gone for another pint otherwise. We seat ourselves amongst the reluctant punters and are immediately enthralled by the Gothic strains of Joy Division.

A familiar figure starts flailing his arms about in the centre of the stage - Ian Curtis, the star of Leeds Sci-fi Festival. But it looks like we’re the only ones enjoying it; the teeny bopper audience are dead lethargic, it’s the most they can do to clap a bit between numbers. Joy Division do ‘Transmission’, the new single, and ‘She’s Lost Control’ and I can see what all the fuss was about in Leeds. After their set ends with Ian Curtis having an epileptic fit, we find sanctuary back in the bar and run into the other people who came to see them, Cherry, Roy and Clare, but we’re hassled out again when the Buzzcocks come on, despite Cherry’s protests.
This was the end of punk rock and the beginning of post-punk for us. The next day at the hotel, Joy Division told Chris that they weren’t pissed off with the Bournemouth audience but regretted taking the support slot to a certain extent.

At the time of the ‘Control’ film, which features the Winter Gardens gig, the AFC Bournemouth photographer Mick Cunningham told the Bournemouth Echo’s Nick Churchill: “From the start I remember the sheer power and simplicity of it. I think many people there were expecting another 1-2-3-4 band like the Buzzcocks, but it was so different. No one got up and moved, everyone sat transfixed by them and the power of the set with Ian Curtis absolutely mesmerising. At the end he was doing a dance I’d never seen before and when he started convulsing on stage near the end of the set I, like everyone, just thought it was because of the sheer energy and emotion he put in. Only when the St John’s Ambulance men went up to treat him did you realise he’d had a fit.’

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