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2nd August 1979: YMCA, Prince Of Wales Conference Centre, Tottenham Court Road London Two different tapes of this concert existTwo different tapes of this concert exist

There are two recordings of this concert - one soundboard and one audience recording.

This was the first of the 4 night alternative rock festival at the Prince of Wales Conference Centre in London, besides Joy Division also Teardrop Explodes and Echo And The Bunnymen played.

"If I had a flair for understatement, I could say that Joy Division were good too. The truth is they were phenomenal - the most physical hard rock group I've seen since Gang Of Four. This Manchester band have been allowed to grow at their own pace, uncramped by commercial pressures. The result is that they've created a totally distinctive, cohesive sound over the last two years...They have the spirit and the feeling." - Adrian Thrills, NME review 11th August 1979.

Songs performed:
01. Dead Souls
02. Disorder
03. Wilderness
04. Auto-Suggestion
05. Transmission
06. Day Of The Lords
07. She's Lost Control
08. Shadowplay
09. Atrocity Exhibition
10. Insight.

Appx. duration: 40 mins.
Sound quality: 8+/9 (soundboard) 8- (audience)

On the audience recording the start of "Dead Souls" is missing,
as well as "Insight" (last track) as that's presumably the flip point on the original cassette master.

The complete recording appeared on on the following bootleg LPs:

Dead Soul 2LP

End - Live England '79 2LP

Black Souls LP

Shadowplay LP

YMCA 2-8-79 LP

Parts of this concert appeared on the following bootlegs:

Shades Of Division LP

Space LP

Let The Movie Begin CD

The Youth Club CD

The Marble Index CD

Radio CD

Closer To The Unknown Treasures LP

Autosuggestion LP - Autosuggestion

The European Radio Broadcasts LP - Autosuggestion

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