Joy Division

1st December 1978: Salford College of Technology
With Ed Banger and Fast Cars

Deborah Curtis's book incorrectly says this gig took place at The Factory

Thanks to Stuart from the Fast Cars for the poster scan.

Steve Brotherdale who was a drummer in Warsaw was also in the Fast Cars for a while.

Tim Llewellyn was involved:  

"I for a short time ran a booking agency from Rabid Records Cotton Lane, premises. Primarily booking out their acts.

I was also approached by Rob Gretton to get some gigs for Joy Division, of which the 1st. Dec 1978 at Salford was the first.

Around that time I had been contacted by Nottingham Playhouse who wanted John Cooper Clarke to play there. They were not bothered who the support was, but Martin Hannett who I had worked quite closely with for some years, was keen for Joy Division to be the support. So that is why that happened.

They also supported JCC at South London Poly. early in 1979 sorry I don`t have a date. But that one is certainly missing from your list. I am the Tim. referred to on page 60 in the Ian Curtis book. If I remember any more I will let you know".