Bernard Sumner - Confusion. Joy Division, Electronic and New Order Versus The World

Author David Nolan
Published August 30th 2007

Publisher Inependent Music Press
Paperback 240 pages
234mm x 156mm
ISBN:0-9552822-6-8 and 978-0-9552822-6-3
50 rare and unpublished photographs including 1 x 8 pp glossy b/w plates + 32 integrated pics
RRP 12.99

The first biography of one of the most influential - and secretive - musicians this country has produced, Confusion is the story of Bernard Sumner's life and times from the back streets of Lower Broughton to the high life of Buenos Airies, via Joy Division, The Hacienda, Electronic and New Order.

David also wrote the acclaimed "I swear I Was There" book about the Sex Pistols Free Trade Hall Gig:

Press release July 2007:

Bernard Sumner has read the manuscript of David Nolan's new book 'Confusion' and decided to contribute to the biography.

He's added his thoughts and observations to David's text, put many previously private matters into context and had a right to reply on some of the more controversial aspects of the book.

David Nolan says: "Bernard Sumner has read this book; it was vital that he be allowed to respond to some of the issues raised, particularly the very personal ones.

"To his credit, Bernard took a great deal of time and care offering his thoughts on the manuscript. As a result, where I had initially made a mistake, I have corrected it. Where his version differed to someone else's, I've included both. Where Bernard offers insight into something I could only have guessed at, I have added it verbatim.

"Unofficial biographies often have the sense that the author has the freedom to write whatever he or she wants, but is hampered by a lack of insider knowledge. Official ones have the story straight from the horse's mouth, but sometimes with the suspicion that deals have been struck and harsher words censored. This is an odd mix of both and is all the better for it.

Good luck for the future Bernard. Your past has been a fascinating puzzle to piece together."

David Nolan
Summer 2007