A FACTORY SAMPLE 2x7" Factory Fac 2

Released 2 February 1979
Two 7" EPs featuring Factory bands. Came with 5 stickers.
Producer: Martin Hannett
Recorded at Cargo Studios


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Joy Division: Digital John Dowie: Acne
Joy Division: Glass * John Dowie: Idiot
The Durutti Column: No communication John Dowie: Hitler's liver
The Durutti Column: Thin ice (detail) Cabaret Voltaire: Baader-Meinhof
    Cabaret Voltaire: Sex in secret

* This version of Glass was used on the Still album

Groove notations:
Side A (JD): "Everything"
(Side B (Durutti Column): "is repairable"
Side C (John Dowie): "Everything"
Side D (Cabaret Voltaire): "is broken".)

There are counterfeit copies of this release. Click here to find out how to tell them apart.