Matrix: HE005

This is a black vinyl A Retrospective On The Vinyl Pain And Pleasure Of Joy Division in a wrap around cover. Came with an orange insert. We have no idea how many exist.
Source: live & studio.

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1 Gutz 10 Digital
2 At a later date 11 Auto-suggestion
3 The kill 12 From safety to where...?
4 Inside the line 13 Komakino
5 Warsaw 14 Incubation
6 No love lost 15 As you said
7 Leaders of men 16 Candidate
8 Failures 17 New dawn fades
9 At a later date    

Tracks 1-4 from the "Warsaw Demo"-session July 1977.
Tracks 5-8 from "An Ideal For Living" EP.
Track 9 from the "Short Circuit" compilation.
Track 10 from "A Factory Sample" (FAC 2).
Tracks 11-12 from the "Earcom 2: Contradiction" EP.
Tracks 13-15 from the "Komakino"-flexi (FAC 28).
Tracks 16 and 17 outtakes from the "Unknown Pleasures"- session April 1979.