1990 CD.

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Thanks to Girlyfruit for the scans

1 All of this for you 9 She's lost control
2 Leaders of men 10 Transmission l
3 Failures 11 Transmission ll
4 Novelties 12 Living in the ice age
5 They Walked the Line 13 Interzone
6 No love lost 14 Warsaw
7 Excite No One 15 Shadowplay
8 Insight    

Tracks 1-6 and 11-15 are the same as the "Warsaw" LP-bootleg,
Tracks 7-10 from "The First Peel Session".

Track 3 is actually They Walked in Line
Track 4 is actually Failures
Track 5 is actually Novelty
Track 7 is Exercise one

It's not unusual for concerts to be rebooted and released under another name, but this one is slightly different. The CD is identical to the WARSAW CD - complete with the words FUN MULTIPLICATION II and bogus track names but the cover has been changed. See also Live! From Eindhoven, Holland 18/1/80 CD - a "reissue" of FUN MULTIPLICATION III Morituri te Salutant CD.