SOUL OF HEART (CD) 562 761 987-1 1998

Picture CD - Ian Curtis pic.
Source: Live

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1 Digital 10 24 Hours
2 Day of the Lords 11 She's Lost Control
3 Insight 12 Atrocity Exhibition
4 New Dawn Fades 13 I Remember Nothing
5 Disorder 14 Wilderness
6 Transmission 15 Transmission
7 Love will tear us apart 16 Colony
8 These Days 17 Disorder
9 A Means to an End 18 Insight

Tracks 1-12 Live: Paradiso, Amsterdam January 11 1980.
Tracks 13-18 Live: Leeds, Queen's Hall, Futurama One Festival September 8 1979.

The sleeve incorrectly lists 19 tracks - with Shadowplay as track 15.

Poor sound quality. Some of the songs from Leeds are almost unlistenable at times. This is quite remarkable when there are so many high quality recordings of the Amsterdam concert available. The CD sounds as though it has been copied from a vinyl LP - although no LPs of this concert are this bad.

Copy of Desperation Takes Hold. These two CDs were clearly pressed from the same master but have different covers and different pictures on the disk.

Unlike Desperation Takes Hold this CD has an address on it: "Product of C.R.B., S.A. Spain (Doctor Fleming, 97 Madrid) Trade Mark(s), Registered, Marcia(s), Registrada(s) Impuesto de Lujo a Metalico, Permiso No 4296 Fabricado en España por Sonic S.A. (Barcelona)".