PEEL SESSIONS LP Strange Fruit SFRLP 111 2009

US counterfeit copy of the official release
180 gram heavy vinyl
Matrix numbers SFRLP-111-A SFRLP-111-B
Pressed in many different colours including:
Red (could be orange) vinyl, USA 2009
Pink marbled vinyl, USA, 2009
Mustard (yellowish-brown) vinyl, USA 2009
Black vinyl, USA 2009
Purple (lilac) vinyl, USA 2009
Turquoise (light green) vinyl, USA 2009
Marbled grey/multicoloured vinyl (base colour is grey with lots of small coloured specs or highlights in White/blue/yellow/pink etc), USA 2009
Half-and-half marbled mauve and dark grey vinyl, USA 2009
Half-and-half marbled light blue and dark grey vinyl, USA 2010?
Half-and-half white and green vinyl, USA, 2010?
Marbled green vinyl, USA 2012
Multicoloured (base colour is greyish purple, with lots of different coloured specks or highlights), plain white labels (test pressing?), reissue?, USA
Heavily marbled grey vinyl,  USA, 2016
Marbled purple vinyl, USA, 2016
Pale/light pink marbled vinyl, USA, 2016
Transparent orange /"gold" vinyl with marble effect, USA, 2016
Green & grey swirl vinyl, USA, 2016
Purple / very dark blue marbled vinyl, plain white labels, with double-sided printed picture insert, matrix scratched out and a new one is written backwards KTS 471 A/B,USA, 2017

1 Exercise One 5 Love Will Tear Us Apart
2 Insight 6 24 Hours
3 She's Lost Control 7 Colony
4 Transmission 8 Sound Of Music

Tracks 1 to 4: recorded January 31, 1979
Tracks 5 to 8: recorded November 26, 1979

The best way to identify the counterfeit is the plain white inner with rounded corners. The original had a custom printed inner with information about the other Strange Fruit label releases.

The matrix numbers look very similar to the original pressing, On the counterfeit there is an additional short wavy line after the last "B" in the matrix on side 2 which is not present on the original.

Original inner

Counterfeit inner

Half-and-half coloured vinyl