European double LP released August 1984. Black and white folder cover. First edition had one red vinyl LP and one green LP. Reissued in black. Possibly also available in pink vinyl
Live: Les Bains Douches Club, Paris 18 Dec 1979.

Front cover - click for larger image Back cover - click for larger image

A1 Passover B1 Transmission
A2 Wilderness B2 Day of the Lords
A3 Disorder B3 24 Hours
A4 Love will tear us apart B4 Colony
A5 Insight B5 These Days
A6 Shadowplay    

C1 A means to an end D1 Insight
C2 She's lost control D2 Shadowplay
C3 Atrocity exhibition D3 Transmission
C4 Interzone D4 Day Of The Lords
C5 Warsaw D5 24 Hours

Sides A, B and C are an audience recording of the concert.

Side D features all 5 songs from the first radio broadcast of this concert. The songs are the same as A5, A6, B1, B2 and B3 but the sound quality is slightly better - but not much.

See also Paris 2LP which is a poorer sounding copy of this release with tracks D4 and D5 omitted

See also Le Terme part III which is simply disc 2 (black vinyl reissue) in a different sleeve. The matrix numbers are identical.