JOY DIVISION - LAST ORDER (LP) RV 81241 Raven Records 1981
Matrix number FAC-13030

Original issue on black vinyl with a black and white wraparound cover (see scans below) with "Raven Records" labels. Some copies were numbered top right of back sleeve.

Reissued on orange vinyl with two different sleeves: a proper delux cover, and an insert cover (front only). All of these had plain white labels with "6-80/I" and "6-80/II" printed on them.

Reissued on clear vinyl with a proper delux cover. This version has no labels at all

There are copies on black vinyl which have plain white labels, these either have the original wraparound cover or a proper deluxe cover like the colour vinyl reissues. We are unsure if these are original white label test pressings (which the wraparound cover would suggest) or a plain white label reissue (as the proper deluxe cover would indicate).

According the the A History In Cuttings book this came out on picture disc too but we don't think it did - please email us if you've got a copy

Live: Paradiso, Amsterdam, January 11 1980.

Front cover - click for larger image Back cover - click for larger image

Passover Disorder
Wilderness Transmission
Digital Love will tear us apart
Day of the lords These days
Insight A means to an end
New dawn fades 24 hours

All issues have the same matrix number FAC-13030, so they are all probably from the original stamps.