Joy Division (Book & 7" / mini-CD) SCONC 001 Stampa Alternativa 1988
Sometimes called "Non In Vendita" - which simply means "Not For Sale"

Italian lyric book (in Italian and English) with 7" EP / mini CD.
Source: studio.

Limited edition: 14000 books with the 7" and 16000 books with the mini-CD. Good sound quality.
Some early 7" singles were on blue vinyl

The 7" version has been re-pressed with a different label on side 2 click here for scans

Also released as a 7" single without the book - see listing below

Thanks to the Ceremony website for the scan

Incubation *1 You're no good for me
Incubation *2 Komakino

"Incubation *1" = "Incubation"
"Incubation *2" = "As you said"

Publishers address:
Tel: 0761/352277, Fax: 0761/352751

Joy Division 7" SCONC 001
Sometimes called "Non In Vendita" - which simply means "Not For Sale"

Reissue of the above in a pic sleeve and no book.
Source: studio.

Good sound quality.

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The back cover is plain white.

Incubation *1 You're no good for me
Incubation *2 Komakino

"Incubation *1" = "Incubation"
"Incubation *2" = "As you said"


Made in Denmark.
Bootleg reissue of "The Second Peel Session".

Sound of music Colony
24 hours Love will tear us apart

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Wraparound cover with "Joy Division" and photo of Ian Curtis on the front.
The record itself is the same as the Warsaw 7" (RZM Production Ltd) but in a different sleeve.
Source: first John Peel Session.

Front cover - click for larger image Back cover - click for larger image
Thanks to Fabio for the scans.

Exercise one Transmission
Insight She's lost control

This is a repress of the second version of the single given away with the Warsaw album (the one that has matrix number in small letters). This repress has large center hole and blank, white labels


Made in the UK.
Source: studio.

Transmission Colony
Love will Tear us Apart Sound of Music

Transmission: John Peel session, recorded 31 Jan 79, first broadcast 14 Feb79.
All other tracks: John Peel session recorded 26 Nov 79, first broadcast 10 Dec79.


Poor quality insert with photo of Ian Curtis plus the text "Joy Division".

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JOY DIVISION (12") BLACK 33-132 F (side A) / RED 33-132 F (side B)

33RPM EP which doesn't have a proper name on the sleeve.
Greek pressing.

Front cover - click for larger image Back cover - click for larger image

1 Warsaw 4 From safety to where...?
2 No love lost 5 Leaders of men
3 Autosuggestion 6 Failures

This is a bootleg version of the "An Ideal For Living" EP with the two tracks from "Earcom 2: Contradiction" added as bonus (tracks 3 and 6).
The track-listing on the sleeve is wrong, it places "No love lost" before "Warsaw".

JOY DIVISION (Cassette) 747 7865

Factory-produced cassette.
Source: studio.

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Disorder The Eternal
Day Of The Lords Atmosphere
Insight Candidate
New Dawn Fades Shadowplay
Wilderness Interzone
Ice Age I Remember Nothing
The Kill She's Lost Control

747 made a lot of cassettes covering just about every artist in the early eighties. My sister was working in Saudi Arabia at the time and she used to come home with suitcases full of the things! They mainly pirated chart albums but this cassette has the "Unknown Pleasures" tracks plus a few more thrown in for good measure

The insert lists two more Joy Division releases - if you have one of them please email us


Double LP
Matrix numbers have been scratched out
All the songs are the regular studio versions as found on Unknown Pleasures, Closer etc. She's Lost Control is from Unknown Pleasures, and Love Will Tear Us Apart the single A-side version. Ceremony is the demo/rehearsal version from the Heart And Soul box-set.

Front cover - click for larger image

Digital Disorder
Transmission She's Lost Control
Passover Heart And Soul
Atmosphere Leaders Of Men
24 Hours Shadowplay

Love Will tear Us Apart A Means To An End
Isolation These Days
Wilderness Warsaw
Insight Decades
Glass Ceremony
Ice Age