Numbered picture disc.
This interview was recorded in the Castle pub, Manchester, October 1979 and originally released on the Northern Lights cassette zine #3 in 1981

Also released on An Interview With Ian Curtis 7" and the Under Review DVD - with subtitles.

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Interview Interview (repeated)

Some came in the sleeve below as an un-numbered picture disc:

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Thanks to the incubation web site for the scans

Some versions had a slightly different sleeve - no writing in the bottom right. We don't know what the back cover of this version looks like and we don't know if the LP was numbered.

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The number is either in red, green or black, and the lower numbers are normally in red.
Some copies have a clear outer ring, but most are black

Various mispressings exist where the wrong picture, or a misprinted picture, has been used:

... Madonna

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Thanks to Ian Seivwright for the scans

... Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys)

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... Blondie

... Blondie again

... The Bangles

... The Smiths

... Kate Bush

... Kate Bush again

... U2

This version has a double exposed image

this one has the same picture both sides - one with green tint

this one has a plain A side

Other band's picture discs were also misprinted with a Joy Division image:

Jesus And Mary Chain 12"
Matrix numbers JS-1020-A and JS-1020-B

... Iron Maiden 12"
Matrix numbers MMP 1202 A and MMP 1202 B