JOY DIVISION - IAN CURTIS 15 JULY 1956 - 18 MAY 1980 (2 x CD)
93 JD 1001/2 Demokrazie Muzik

Netherlands double CD. Reissue of Gruftgesaenge double LP.
Source: live & studio.

A1 Passover B1 Transmission
A2 Wilderness B2 Love will tear us apart
A3 Digital B3 These days
A4 Day of the lords B4 A means to an end
A5 Insight B5 24 hours
A6 New dawn fades   See note below
A7 Disorder    

C1 She's lost kontrol D1 Incubation P.1
C2 Atrocity exhibition D2 Incubation P.2
C3 Atmosphere D3 Digital
C4 Dead souls D4 Glass
C5 Komakino D5 Komakino
    D6 Incubation 1
    D7 Incubation 2

Side A and B plus tracks C1 and C2 Live: Paradiso, Amsterdam January 11 1980.
Tracks C3 and C4 from the "Licht Und Blindheit" single.
Tracks C5, D1, D2 and D5-D7 from the "Komakino" flexi (FAC 28):

"Incubation 1" = "Incubation P.1" = "Incubation"
"Incubation 2" = "Incubation P.2" = "As you said"

Tracks D3 and D4 are from "A Factory Sample" (FAC 2).

On the labels "Joy Division" is spellt "Joy Devision".

Shadowplay is listed on the cover as the last track on CD1 but it's not on the CD.